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People don’t want ads! They want to interact with other people!

That’s why Facebook constantly decreases the organic reach of your Page’s posts. For example, in 2013, your Facebook Page could easily reach approximately 12% of fans with each post. In 2018, that percentage dropped to 1.2% average. In 2022 that percentage is less...

6 steps of Customer Contact and Social Media Automation to immediately benefit your business

Examples of Social Media Automation in Action Some of the ways social media automation could be put into action include: Use chatbots to respond to user messagesSchedule Facebook posts weeks ahead of campaignsSend tweets when your audience levels peakGet notifications...

How We Saved 34% of CEOs Time By Automating Onboarding Process with BAMF Method

In the case of customer onboarding, automation helps both the company’s internal onboarding team and its customers. By taking on repeatable but helpful tasks, automation allows for companies to focus their human resources towards impactful work that helps customers succeed, such as strategic consultation.

3 Compelling Reasons to Automate Your School

By now you understand what automated workflows are, but you may not understand just how valuable it can be to have this system implemented in your school.  School process automation can stretch across nearly every department and save teachers, principals, and...

Online school automation

Companies around the world are automating workflows to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their employees, so why should schools be different? Automating school processes such as HR forms, vacation requests, purchase orders, and parent fees can save money,...

5 reasons to use Integromat instead of Zapier

Integromat is very similar to Zapier with some unique features and a lower cost While Zapier has been around longer and integrates with more apps in total, Integromat is a fast-growing alternative that is gaining popularity. If you've just started looking at...

What is Kanban in Agile Development

There are many methods that Agile teams use to develop software. But the most prominent methods are two: Scrum MethodologyKanban Methodology Scrum Methodology Agile Scrum Methodology is the most prominent and simplest method. According to the State of Agile Report, a...

How people connect with processes

Unlike many software development companies, Lanos Logic is people-centric rather than process-orientated, placing a strong focus on finding the right people and helping them develop their skills. For a team to do great work, it needs great coaching and strong,...

What can we help you with ?

Design UI/UX

Every great product has been designed with user in mind


Chatbots and customer contact automation for your website using industry leading platforms

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud servers, VPN, CDNs, Proxies, Backup servers, Git, CI/CD

Mobile App Development

We deliver mobile app experiences that get your mobile app trending on the app stores.

Software integration

Backend and frontend systems integration with existing solutions

Process automation

We will help automate your existing electronic and paper processes

Web Application

Create a custom application that adds value and boosts profits

Backend API Development

We will architect and create a robust API for your product

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Success Stories

Having worked with many external service providers in my professional life so far, I can clearly say that Lanos Logic comes out on top. The customer-facing team is very professional, and besides that, it’s also fun to work with.

Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Extra Space

Alex’s team listened to our requirements carefully and designed an app that’s easy to use for young children. The app has brilliant UI/UX and loads fast without any lag or delay. Apps for both iOS and Android were executed smoothly with scalability options. Overall documentation, development, and feedback from their teams were top class. I would love to work with them again.

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Divi Corner

All software you did was amazing! If we ever decide to create any custom software development, it’s going to be Lanos Logic. I have already recommended you to all of my colleagues

John Wise

Head of Design, Elegant Themes

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