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By now you understand what automated workflows are, but you may not understand just how valuable it can be to have this system implemented in your school.  School process automation can stretch across nearly every department and save teachers, principals, and administrators thousands of dollars and hours of time each year.

HR forms such as hiring and leave requests, operations forms such as maintenance and IT requests, and financial forms such as purchase orders can all be digitized and automated. No more losing papers, no more bulky filing cabinets and no more tracking people down for approvals for days or even weeks at a time.  In addition, reconcilable financial reports allow you to account for every pound and dollar coming in and out of your school, eliminating financial loss due to the mishandling of payments.  Although these benefits do come with an initial financial and time investment, you will quickly realize that the benefits outweigh the costs.  

Reason 1: Reduce Paper Usage and Expenses

Paper is both one of the biggest expenses and waste products of schools.  In fact, more than 78% of school waste consists of organics and paper.  

In an automated school, there is no need for paper. Simply upload your paper form to Script and chose the fields that you would like filled out.  It’s that easy! Hundreds or even thousands of sheets of paper can be saved by automating just one process. 

Automating just one paper process in your school can cut thousands of dollars off your annual paper cost and keep hundreds of pounds of paper waste out of landfills.  Imagine the impact of having nearly every paper process fully digitized and automated.

Reason 2: Save Employee Time:

Creating, printing, distributing and collecting paper forms from teachers, students, parents, and administrators can consume an enormous amount of employee time. Script conducted a study at one of our partner schools, Dayspring Academy, to see how much time we could cut by automating only their field trip process over the course of one year.   Prior to automating this process, planning and collecting money for field trips took them an average of 70 days. Aside from this being an enormous resource drain for teachers and administrators, it was also a significant financial drain as well.  Our study found that each year approximately 1,600 teacher hours and 3,300 administrator hours are spent facilitating this process each year. That time was taken away from the students at this school, not to mention costing over $80,000 annually. After implementing Script as a school automation system, Dayspring Academy was able to cut a process that previously took 70 days down to 2 days, that’s a 97% reduction in time.  Not to mention nearly eliminating the $80,000 in lost wages and hours upon hours given back to teachers so that they may focus on what is important…teaching!

Reason 3: Stay Organized:

Staying organized can be extremely difficult when you are attempting to keep track of thousands of sheets of paper traveling between administrators, teachers, parents, and students.  It is easy to lose track of where your paperwork is and how far along in an approval process you may be. This can create problems for even the most organized of people, and push projects and activities back weeks or even months waiting for approvals.

Even more serious is losing track of payments circulating in and out of your school. In the same study mentioned above, Script found that in the year before choosing to automate,  a partner school had lost approximately $26,000 between mishandling of payments and failing to take into account processing fees during collection. School automation software has the ability to give you a clear line of sight into each and every transaction taking place within your school with real-time, detailed and reconcilable reports, ensuring that you can account for every single dollar your school is expecting to collect.