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Examples of Social Media Automation in Action

Some of the ways social media automation could be put into action include:

  • Use chatbots to respond to user messages
  • Schedule Facebook posts weeks ahead of campaigns
  • Send tweets when your audience levels peak
  • Get notifications of social conversations

Social media automation is the process of using automated tools to improve your social media presence through content curation and scheduling social media posts in advance.

How to Automate Social Media Posts

  1. Look at social listening tools.
  2. Use chatbots.
  3. Gain valuable insights across several networks.
  4. Produce content curation ideas.
  5. Engage with your audience.
  6. Achieve consistent scheduling.

Publish Posts During Peak Audience Times

Optimize your reach by posting when your audience is most active on social media. For more details, check out our latest research on the the best days and times to post based on engagement from different networks and industries.

Automation tools can help reduce the amount of time spent gathering posts last minute so you can spend more time growing your account by engaging with your audience.

Pros of Social Media Automation

The pros of social media automation include:

  • Spend less time manually updating brand pages
  • Maximize reach and impressions
  • Stay active on social media beyond regular business hours
  • Analyze social data in real-time

Basic customer service

Automating customer interactions is one of the top use cases for marketing artificial intelligence tools in 2022-2023. Yet, only 13% of organizations increased their use of customer interaction automation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You don’t need a human team member to answer common questions like “What are your hours?” and “Do you have any coupons available?” Likewise, you can automate service requests related to package tracking, refund status, and other issues that are tied to your CRM.

Client acquisition and onboarding process for Lanos clients starts with the Blueprint, which is used to increase conversions of the cold inbound traffic into a lead warm-up sequence.