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Building a backend

There is a portion of the application the user sees and then—the largest part of the application remains unseen

What Exactly Is “Back-End?”

A back-end developer writes the code that makes that button work by figuring out what data to fetch from the database for the appropriate customer and delivering it back to the front-end,
where it is eventually displayed.


Depending on the size of your application we will be using a combination of tech:

  • Node.JS
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Java


Before the first line of code is written, it needs to be designed first ? We will include you on creating a backend architecture. Being involved in architecture will help you understand your project better ?

Type of project

Mobile App

We deliver digital products for both iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (phone and tablet) and Windows surface platforms.

Web Application

Architected backend UML, database structure, properly selected technology and your app will scale to handle multiple users at the same time

Business Process Automation

We are using an architected database for the backend to bring together and automate your data sources

Backend work and architecture is our specialty.
Lets talk about your vision and the project.
We will help you identify and choose the right backend technology.

We create backend for

iOS/iPhone Mobile App Development

We will help you create native iOS custom mobile app wit seamless APIs integration to create experiences and meet expectations of your Apple users target audience.

Android App Development

 Custom Android mobile app development driven by your business requirements and in line with your vision and customer requirements.


Flutter Mobile App Development

We work with flutter as latest sensational cross-platform technology, with its features like Ahead of Time (AOT) compile technique, inbuilt UI elements as widgets for Android and iOS and Hot Reload

React Native Mobile App development

Our team offers React Native custom mobile app development which may save 40% of development effor using a growing cross-platform technology for iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile App consulting services

We offer mobile consulting services to help you rapidly scale up your team, leverage agile development methodology. Whether it is a new mobile app development or maintaince, support or enhancement to the existing mobile app.

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