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Unlike many software development companies, Lanos Logic is people-centric rather than process-orientated, placing a strong focus on finding the right people and helping them develop their skills.

For a team to do great work, it needs great coaching and strong, supportive relationships. These relationships are at the heart of everything Lanos Logic does, and play a big part in the great service the company offers to its clients.

It’s important to get teams working together to be the best they can be. This can only happen if your people gel and build their own relationships before building one with a client.

Open, honest relationships

Openness and honesty are the basis for all the work Lanos Logic does. Right from the start, both Lanos Logic teams and clients are included on instant messaging channels and deployment systems.

This creates complete transparency – so clients not only see what work is being done, they can react to it immediately with their thoughts and feedback.

The right team for every job

Lanos Logic builds its teams based on each job’s specific needs. That’s why an initial workshop with the client at the start of the relationship is key.

It’s an opportunity for clients to establish their exact requirements, so the team at Lanos Logic can estimate the project’s scope, and even make a start the very same day.

Our people are so much more than developers. Yes, they design and build, but they also test, deploy, and provide on-going support. It means they’re responsible and accountable for the full project lifecycle.