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Personality Delivered.

A personal business experience.
automatically delivered.

Instantly connect.

Lanos offers massive value to your customers by shortcutting traditional contact methods. We enable our customers to focus on their core business. In few simple steps delight your customers with our and end-to-end automated solution.

Any time. Anywhere.

Your customers will love interacting in natural language with your complex business systems. Without the need of a live agent, anyone can connect
with your business. The intelligent assistant will apply the relevant workflow to any situation.

Our AI engine understands your customers intentions with more than 95% accuracy.


We believe that truly great customer experience is transparent.

Our advanced API and voice channels are designed to eliminate your contact centre.

Alexa, compare the best car insurance deals for me.
Ok. Have any of your details changed at all?
No. Still the same.
I have 3 quotes for you. Shall I send them to your mobile?

About Us.

We have been designing and integrating business automation systems throughout the UK educational and insurance sector since 2016. Our proven process, from needs assessment and integration to training and ongoing support, has resulted in long partnerships with many of our clients. Whether you’re an insurance company, a university seeking to personalise your customer experience Lanos Communications can help

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